Artwork Guidelines

QVP Graphic Submission File Guidelines


At QVP, we want your fence screen and banners to look great! Below are some tips and guidelines to help ensure your vision is accurately translated by our large format printers. Don’t have a graphics professional to help? We could be glad to discuss your project at hand and provide solutions. Just call 844-350-4328 and we will be happy to help with our design services.

Preferred Formats & Size

Regardless of the file format, your images should be output in the CMYK color definition. If possible, please use the ORIGINAL File(s) your artwork was created from (.AI, .INDD, .PSD) and/or a Print-Ready PDF. See more information on the types.

Sending us your files

Files that are less than 10mb in size can usually be sent via email to, For larger files (10MB and higher), do not use email, use our web upload link. Simply fill in your information in the boxes and link to your files. A confirmation email will be sent to both parties acknowledging the transfer and the download. You can send files up to 2GB at a time. Larger downloads should be broken into smaller sections.

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Vector art

Adobe Illustrator.EPS or.AI files (best quality). Vector files can be scaled to any size, are not resolution specific, and provide the best result. We also accept InDesign files (.INDD, .IDML) but make sure they’re PACKAGED Indesign files so there won’t be issues of missing images and fonts.

raster art

Very High Resolution.TIFF, .JPG, or .PSD files, should be A MINIMUM of 300 dpi at 1/12th scale. There is no such thing as too much resolution, the higher the better the result. 300dpi at 1/12th scale is the minimum. If you have even larger files, DO NOT downsize them to the minimum. Send the full resolution files whenever possible, as the larger the files, the better the print quality will be.

.PDF Files

PDFs file like Raster Art should be high-resolution outputs generally from Illustrator or InDesign.