QVP-22 – Sew On Logo

Our QVP-22 Safety & Debris Netting is a very popular choice for its ability to fulfill dual roles; saftey and branding. Using sew-on logos, we can brand your company while providing the safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing your job sites are safe.

Common Applications

Typically, this product is used for all types of construction and job site protection. Ideal for worker and pedestrian safety when installed as scaffold netting, QVP-22 contains debris, dust and other job site materials. It is also used in industral, plant and refinery settings for maintenance work, as short-term guardrails and for floor-to-floor netting.

Features & Specs

  • Fire-Retardant: Meets NFPA 701 Method II & the Boston  Fire Marshal Test BFD IX-1
  • Knitted High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) With 1/4”  Mesh Openings
  • Lightweight, UV-Treated & Long Lasting
  • Edges Are Hemmed & Reinforced For Easy Installation
  • Meets NYC Local Law 61 & OSHA Requirements  When Installed Properly
  • Economical & Cost-Effective

Color & Size Availability

Multiple Sizes Available

Available Colors: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Forest Green