Product Warranty



Verification of the warranty period and conditions requires a copy of the
receipt or proof of purchase, as well as photos or returned product to
determine cause of damage or failure.
Warranty cannot be honored without proof of purchase and cause.
Please retain these records.


3 Year Limited Warranty

Quiet Valley Products’ privacy screens are warrantied against manufacturer defects, such as improper finishing, faulty grommets, or excessive color fade, which cause the screens to become unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight and mildew. This warranty does not include labor costs associated with installing replacement privacy screen. 
The following will void the subject warranty: This warranty doesnot cover damage from improper care and cleaning, misuse, abuse, or improper installation which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Damage to the product cased by landscape or gardening equipment,
    corrosive or other chemicals, and/or high pressure or high mineral
    content water sprayers or sprinklers.
  • Damage to the product due to sand storms, repeated salt water spray
    or immersion, pets, animals, vandalism, or other sources not related to the initial manufacturing.
  • Damage due to high wind (1 minute average surface winds of 30mph
    or greater lasting for 1 hour or longer) or, damage due to winds
    gusting to 40 or greater regardless of duration.
  • Damage caused by plants (or vegetation of any sort) growing directly
    upon or in contact with any portion of the product, as well as sap
    from trees.
  • Any alteration to the product itself, including any on-site cutting or
    taping and/or failure to follow any and all maintenance instructions.
  • If the product is installed using non-Quiet Valley Products parts and accessories , and/or improper placement of attachment accessories through the screen or binding, or anywhere other than through the
    designated grommet attachment points.

Quiet Valley Products’ privacy screens are guaranteed for the same period of time against defects in workmanship or materials. Quiet Valley Products warrants to the original purchaser their redemption through replacement, repair to customer satisfaction, or issuance of a pro-rated credit. The choice of redemption method is solely at the discretion of Quiet Valley Products.

It is the responsibility of the installer to attach privacy screen panels so they will break away during windy conditions. The mesh and netting products are to be installed with QVP recommended attachment accessories only.

Notice of failure under the conditions of this warranty shall be sent to Quiet Valley Products or its authorized representative in writing, together with proof of purchase, shall specify the nature of the defect, when it was first observed, as well as photographs of current site conditions. Quiet Valley Products may require returned product at its sole discretion to determine cause of failure. Any required shipment of returned product using an authorized Quiet Valley Products shipping service will be paid by customer. Should the privacy screen be improperly installed, Quiet Valley Products shall not be responsible for guarantee performance or appearance of the material. Neither does this guarantee apply when failure or damage is due to improper use or application, abuse or misuse, vandalism, or acts of God including extreme weather/wind. Quiet Valley Products reserves the right to inspect the material to determine the validity of any claim.

Upon acceptance of the claim by Quiet Valley Products or it’s authorized representative, redemption by replacement, renewal or issuance of a pro-rated credit shall be made by Quiet Valley Products. Warranty is guaranteed to the original purchaser for a period of three (3) years from the original purchase date.

The above constitutes the complete warranty by the manufacturer. No other agreement, written or implied, is valid. Quiet Valley Products does not authorize any other person or agent to make any other express warranties. Quiet Valley Products neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or agent to assume any other liability in connection with the privacy screen products. This warranty is non-transferable.

The above constitutes the complete warranty by Quiet Valley Products. Contact Quiet Valley Products Customer Service at 844-350-4328 for additional information regarding terms or submission of this warranty.

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